hardly organized repository of junk

made/related here:

Python PIL to draw simple graph paper line diagramapr09_2013
BN curve search in SAGEapr06_2011
KiDispatchException commentsoct22_2010
CRC32 adapted to use 16-entry nybble lookup table inspired by "Operation Aurora"feb09_2010
Quick SHA1 hasher of random data using CryptoAPIfeb04_2010
General cracking purpose autoexec GP file (will update this as stuff is added)jan25_2010jan27_2010
First 128 irreducible polynomials over GF(2) in hex/hexadecimal form!jan17_2010
Cryptanalysis of DRegZ Schemejan13_2010
solution to gbe32241's "SDDecoder" (tut+keygen+cpp)jan13_2010
solution to death's "Saddam crackme" (tut+keygen+cpp)dec21_2009
SDDecoder JR v2 keygenmedec08_2009
SDD64 (64-bit version of SDDecoder/DregZ license kit)dec08_2009
Numernias's solution to "SDDecoder JR" (tut+keygen+cpp)nov25_2009
Smaller exe files from Visual C++ (updated)nov17_2009jan29_2010
solution to death's "electric-camel" (tut+keygen+cpp)nov11_2009
WinDBG extension to read crypto++ Integers (src+dll)nov10_2009
crypto++ 4.1 and 4.2 IDA signaturesnov10_2009
solution to upb's "keygenme 3"/"keygenme sheg" (tut+keygen+cpp)nov03_2009
solution to zuma555's newbie crypto crackme (cpp)nov02_2009
windbg breakpoints for tracing VB6 VMoct30_2009
IDC reference examplesoct26_2009jan21_2010
show HILO block relocations in PE file (cpp)
simple windows socket server (cpp)
cool shortcut to finding inverses in fields (without egcd())
some pari/gp code used to make sddecoder junior
solution to Amenesia's "Howl" keygenme (source)
extended Euclidean for GF(2^n) elements (c++ source)
solution to so61pi's "Keygenme#1" (keygen source)
solution to Numernia's "Keygenme Tvaa"
WinDBG extension to read Miracl bignums (src+dll)
solution to Encrypto's "Aurora" KeygenMe
"SDDecoder Junior" keygenme (SDDecoder with weakened security)
EGCD play (cpp source)
Artif's solution to "VM KeygenMe" by Genaytyk (asm src)
Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Tuvir.m (light comments, obfuscated calls to InternetOpenUrl(), InternetReadFile())
simple GetOpenFileName patcher template (source, includes hash routine to verify pre-patched files)
MSN 5.1 password recovery tool (source)
WinDBG extension to read FGInt bignums (as implemented in _J_'s "stoopid" crackme) (src+dll)
Capriccio Solution Using Matrix Operations
Capriccio Source
Artif's Solution to Capriccio (keygen src)
Vallani's Solution to Capriccio (tut+keygen)
"Capriccio" KeygenMe
CRC64 implementation and test cases in C, heavily commented
PARI/GP script to do CRC using polynomials over GF(2)

collected elsewhere

Win, Bosselaers, Vandenberghe, Gersem, Vandewalle - A Fast Software Implementation for Arithmetic Operations in GF(2^n)feb01_2010
Fouque, Granboulan, Stern - Differential Cryptanalysis for Multivariate Schemesjan28_2010
Bethencourt - Intro to Bilinear Mapsjan27_2010
Menezes - An Introduction to Pairing-Based Cryptographyjan23_2010
Ateniese, Medeiros - A Provably Secure Nyberg-Rueppel Signature Variant with Applicationsjan19_2010
Patarin - Hidden Field Equations and Isomorphisms of Polynomialsjan10_2010
Silverman - An Introduction to the Theory of Lattices and Applications to Cryptographyjan01_2010
Joux, Stern - Lattice Reduction: a Toolbox for the Cryptanalysdec17_2009
Goldreich, Goldwasser, Halevi - Public-Key Cryptosystems from Lattice Reduction Problemsdec17_2009
Coppersmith, Shamir - Lattice Attacks on NTRUdec17_2009
Hastad - Solving Simultaneous Modular Equations of Low Degreedec17_2009
Patarin - Assymmetric Cryptography with S-Boxes (Extended Version) (PDF)dec09_2009
Conover - Windows Heap Exploitation (Win2kSP0 through WinXPSP2)dec02_2009
Conover, Horovitz - Reliable Windows Heap Exploitsdec02_2009
Drepper - What Every Programmer Should Know About Memorydec02_2009
Eli Biham - Cryptanalysis of Patarin's 2-Round Public Key System S Boxes (2R)nov24_2009
evilcry's anti-debug memory reads with NtSystemDebugControl()nov17_2009
Faugere - Algebraic cryptanalysis of HFE using Grobner basesnov11_2009
Titan & Rebels - The Alliance Chipdisknov05_2009
Telos & SneakCharm - internal description of a few VB string functionsoct30_2009
VB code to disassemble VB P-Codeoct30_2009
Stolk - Computing roots in finite fields
Steele - The Future Is Parallel: What's a Programmer to Do?
Chapter 8 - Reed-Solomon codes (from unknown book from MIT open coursewar)
Porkodi, Arumuganathan - Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Number Theoretic Transforms
Keygenner Assistant (AT4RE v1.0 Beta Release)
Courtois, Goubin, Patarin - Quartz Signature Scheme (2nd Version, Oct 2001)
Dila's Krakwh0reme
Segers - Algebraic Attacks from a Grobner Basis Perspective
Pari/GP Reference 2.1.0
Ash - A Pari/GP Tutorial (Jan 2007)
Wiener - Cryptanalysis of Short RSA Secret Exponents
Patarin - Unbalanced Oil and Vinegar Signature Schemes (extended version)
Shamir - Cryptanalysis of Multivariate Public Key Schemes (presentation)
Patarin - Assymmetric Cryptography with S-Boxes (Extended Version)


linux hello worldnov22_2010
KiDispatchException commentsoct22_2010
The Outside Area Crackmemar23_2010
Chinese Aurora 16-table lookup CRC (lookup per nibble, x^16 + x^12 + x^5 + 1 stored left-to-right)feb05_2010
branch tracer screenshotnov19_2009
tomk's lucensnov14_2009
IDA runtime trace screenshotnov06_2009
camel idboct26_2009
pari shit
more des
des again
proof attempt
helper GP for numernia's crackme
bruter for group order for cryptome
cryptome notes
PARI/GP basic group functions for Z*_p
evilgeek on reducing quadratic forms
IDB for aurora
IDA IDC snippet
building des from fips paper
solver attempt
updated SDD.GP
workspace (Aug20)